Our Story

High Roller Coffee began not just as a business, but as a culmination of a lifelong passion for coffee and a deep-rooted love for entrepreneurship. Our founder, Steve, has been a fervent coffee enthusiast since high school. For him, coffee is more than a morning ritual; it's a source of inspiration and energy, fueling his days with two essential cups. Blending this love for coffee with an entrepreneurial spirit that never quite fit the 9-to-5 mold, High Roller Coffee was born.

The journey to finding the perfect business name was serendipitous. Originally, Steve planned to document his adventures under the moniker Harley_Highroller on YouTube, traveling on his beloved Harley. However, in collaboration with ChatGPT, a twist of fate led to the birth of High Roller Coffee. It encapsulated everything Steve wanted his brand to represent - quality, passion, and a touch of adventure.

At High Roller Coffee, our mission is straightforward yet profound: to offer the finest quality coffee at affordable prices while minimizing our carbon footprint. We're not just in the business of coffee; we're here to make a lasting difference. A portion of our profits is dedicated to supporting small, non-profit charities. Our commitment to social responsibility is a core part of our identity, and we keep our customers updated on our endeavors through our blog posts.

Quality and impact are the pillars of our values and philosophy. As we strive to become a global name in the coffee scene, our partnership with one of Perth's leading coffee roasters ensures that we deliver nothing but the best. Our coffee beans are sourced globally and roasted in a HACCP registered facility, which is highly automated and guaranteeing consistency and excellence in every batch.

Currently an online-only venture, High Roller Coffee is the dream and daily work of two people - myself, Steve, handling the business's marketing and networking, and Maree, my partner, who manages the processing, collecting, and shipping of orders. Together, we balance our professional and personal lives, with Maree also caring for our three-year-old son, Zach.

As we embark on this exciting journey with High Roller Coffee, our immediate goal is to establish a robust presence in Australia. Our long-term aspiration is to reach international markets, expanding our brand and sharing our passion for coffee with the world. Join us in our adventure, as we brew not just coffee, but also a legacy of quality, community, and sustainability.